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  Request For Electronic Delivery of Notices  
  Current and Historical Taxable Values  
  Current and Historical Tax Rates  
  2020 Truth-In-Taxation Summary  
  2021 Annual Report  
  2022 Annual Report  
  2021 BPP Depreciation Schedule  
  2022 BPP Depreciation Schedule  
  2023 BPP Depreciation Schedule  
  Building Cost Code Descriptions  
  Ag Guidelines  
  2023 Low-Income Housing CAP Rate  
  Historical Tax Levies by Entity  
  2021 Truth In Taxation Calculation Worksheets  
  Ranger College Worksheet 8 2 2021  
  2021 Truth In Taxation Summary  
  2022 Truth In Taxation Calculation Worksheets  
  2022 Cross Plains ISD Truth In Taxation Calculation Worksheets  
  2023 - 2024 Eastland CAD Reappraisal Plan  
  2022 Eastland CAD Tax Rate Chart  
  2022 Truth in Taxation Summary  
  2023 Model Hearing Procedures for Appraisal Review Board  
  2023 Truth in Taxation Worksheets other that ISD's  
  2023 Truth In Taxation Worksheets ISD's  



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