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  Inherited Homesteads  
  Request For Electronic Delivery of Notices  
  Current and Historical Taxable Values  
  Current and Historical Tax Rates  
  2020 Truth-In-Taxation Summary  
  2021 Annual Report  
  2022 Annual Report  
  2021 BPP Depreciation Schedule  
  2022 BPP Depreciation Schedule  
  2023 BPP Depreciation Schedule  
  Building Cost Code Descriptions  
  Ag Guidelines  
  2023 Low-Income Housing CAP Rate  
  Historical Tax Levies by Entity  
  2021 Truth In Taxation Calculation Worksheets  
  Ranger College Worksheet 8 2 2021  
  2021 Truth In Taxation Summary  
  2022 Truth In Taxation Calculation Worksheets  
  2022 Cross Plains ISD Truth In Taxation Calculation Worksheets  
  2023 - 2024 Eastland CAD Reappraisal Plan  
  2022 Eastland CAD Tax Rate Chart  
  2022 Truth in Taxation Summary  
  2023 Model Hearing Procedures for Appraisal Review Board  



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